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Tuesday, April 20 | Habari Gani? | Squad Goals

Who's really on your team.


Sun in Taurus

1st Quarter Moon in Leo


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Finding your tribe.

Family is deceptive in that even though we may have blood relation with some people or have a lot in common because we look the same or have had many shared experiences, these may not be the people we most identify with. If you've read any of my Habari Gani or Instagram posts, most of the time I refer to the "family" saying something like:

Good morning, family!

Love you, family!

The longer I venture down this yoga road, the more I seem to meet people who are more and more aligned with my true values and who I feel the level of mutual love and support that is on the level of close and reliable family members. These people are family to me and have been a huge source of support as I began to venture down this yoga road and felt my relationships with people I knew before become strained both because I was changing so much so rapidly and because many of them didn't have a context to understand. Finding people who were farther down the road and people around the same place has been a Godsend for me to help keep me encouraged and to receive some suggestions about what to do when certain situations arise.

You are supported

I have been delighted to find more and more people in what I call my spiritual family, the people I lovingly call the Royal family because they are kings and queens in my eyes. I have such admiration for the people who have been brought into my life who are clear-headed, balanced, aligned in their purpose, mentally and physically strong, tapped in spiritually, and who move through the world with confidence and ease. I've heard that you become more like the 5 people you spend the most time with, and these are the kind of people who I aspire to be more like and don't mind their habits and ways rubbing off on me because they make me better.

The most beautiful part about finding your tribe or your spiritual family is that the number of people available to help you is infinite. You are supported by Spirit and by a tremendous number of people seen and unseen, who are looking out for your best interests. Today, we are being encouraged to rely on the wisdom and power of the collective over our individual efforts. You do not have to go it alone unless you just want to. So let go of any holding or hoarding everything to yourself. Ask for help. Get advice. Or be the support for someone else who needs a hand. We're all in this together, fam!

Thanks for your continued and growing support. The Liveology family is growing as I talk to people daily about our first print issue coming out in June, and connect with amazing people across the country. Tell a friend about what we're doing at Liveology today!

Love you, family!

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