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The 9 Types of Chosen Ones Explained & Their Missions! | Infinite Waters

Few are chosen.

That was beautiful. Breathe with me deep divers. Let's go. Whoa. Breathing in that good ass prana baby P 's infinite waters diving deep once again, beautiful deep divers. We are out here. I'm FaceTiming you right now I hope you're taking care of yourself. I hope you're focusing on yourself. I hope you're raising the frequency. What else raising the vibration? Take that Take That good oz energy I'm sending you the nine types of Chosen Ones explained and their missions which one to you? We got a whole lot to talk about. First and foremost, if you are watching this video, this is your confirmation. Everything is going to be alright. And everything will align for you. All you got to do is say thank you. The universe works in my favor. Why deep divers? Because I'm a chosen one. I'm a chosen one deep divers born on March 3 303. Yes, I've always known I'm a chosen one. But I'm not the only one.

A Chosen One is a being who remembers who they truly are. A spiritual being having a human experience. And the truth of the matter is we are all chosen once. It's just that a lot of people have forgotten who they really are. But there are different types of Chosen Ones deep divers, because each one of us has a different role to play. So watch this and let me know which one to you. Are you ready? The divers? Okay. And we didn't even had breakfast yet. Can I get a hello pay? So the nine powerful types of Chosen Ones explained and their missions. Which one are you?

The Oracle

Let's start with the first type of Chosen One. It is the Oracle. That's right. The Oracle the SIA the one who can see things before they happen. The Oracle goes back to ancient times. And the oracle was the one that generals would consult in ancient Rome to ask the Oracle would we win in war? Would we win in war? Or would we lose you're gonna lose? Okay. Write the article is the being who goes back to ancient Kemet or Egypt who would remind people to know thyself, she is the medium. He is the mystic. It is a being who embodies the truth. Their aura is wonderful, exuberant and beautiful. People come to them for counsel for advice, because they possess tremendous gifts, what I call the Triple C. The triple C's, clairvoyance, clear sight they can see what most people cannot see. They can see deeper, clearer. So they have the gift of clear. They have the gift of clairvoyance, right. Also clear audience they can hear what most people cannot hear. Did you hear that deep divers the cat down the road did okay. They have Clairsentience clear feeling they can touch someone and they can feel what this being is going through. This is the reason why the Oracle The Chosen One is an empath and intuitive empath. But their gift of clairvoyance means that they have they've literally got a crystal ball in their hand. Right They can tell you what is going to happen to you in the next five minutes. Tomorrow in the next month

and this is the reason why the Oracle is the medium. The Oracle is the profit. The Oracle is amongst us and they are the chosen one. So shout out That's old articles in the house you are appreciated is that you deep divers, okay? The article in The Matrix new Neo was gonna hit the base, right? Hit the vase. Okay?

The Free Spirit

So the second type of Chosen One explained and their mission. Which one are you? Deep Dive is the free spirit, okay? The free spirit. This is the being who is just a free spirit, are you a free spirit, like nobody can hold you down. Like you know what you want in life, you know there's more to life, you're sometimes an outcast, an outlaw. Because you don't fit into society, you realize that you didn't come here, to fit in. You came here to stand out. You came here to stand out deep divers, you came here to stand out. And you realize that it's not about fitting in. It's about being custom made. Slow Motion inside. You are awakened, aware that this whole system is a big joke. This whole matrix is a big lie. And you're like, ain't nobody got time for that. I just want to be free. Your parents are telling you to do this. Your friends are telling you to do that. And you're like, all I want to do is be free. Is that too much to ask? Is that too much to us? No, it's not. Right. So are you a free spirit deep divers? Are you a free spirit because that's the second type of Chosen One. A being who craves freedom more than anything. And their mission is to remind people that being free is your birth rate.

The Truth Teller

Okay. Now let's go to the third type of chosen one and their mission. The nine types of Chosen Ones? Which one? Are you deep divers? This is none other than the truth teller. The truth teller? Are you someone who is always telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Like you can't lie, you just have to keep it real all the time. Exposing the matrix for what it is like you wear the truth on your sleeve. And you're not ashamed to talk your truth. Are you someone deep divers who is speaking their truth, even if their voice is shaking, because you know it's the right thing to do? Are you the one who's keeping it real in a whole room of fakes? Oh, oh, that's the third type of Chosen One. And we've seen it like throughout time, we've seen people who have been brave enough to speak their truth, even though it's not popular, but they've made it popular because now people are starting to listen. And this type of Chosen One is extremely powerful because the voice holds power. So shout out to all of you. If you are speaking the truth, your truth. Keep doing it. If you are in the mission, to use your voice to awaken people keep doing it right. It's beautiful to see people really embodying the truth and reminding people of the truth of things and who they really are. Okay.

The Inspiring Infiltrator

Now let's go on to the fourth the fourth deep divers type of Chosen One explained and their mission. Which one are you? Are you this one deep divers. Now this chosen one is what I call the inspiring infiltrates infiltrator, the inspiring infiltrator. Now this is a being who is a very inspiring being naturally they inspire people, their mission is to inspire. And they are a powerful co creator. And they hold the light in their hands to bring it back to the mainstream. And oftentimes, this type of Chosen One is a very beautiful woman or very handsome man. Deep divers, you're so kind. Yes. Okay, this type of Chosen One. Their mission is to bring

their message of truth to the mainstream. And they often use their beauty to do it. And oftentimes there's someone that you would least suspect is awakened aware but they really are. Right they're really diving deep and they are aware that we are multi dimensional beings having a human experience that we're aware that we're living in the Maya, the illusion, and they had to wake you up, but they have to do it in a very subtle way. So they are the inspiring infiltrator. Sometimes they are artists who are very awakened. They're like, You know what, I can't just tell people wake up, I gotta put it in a song, you know, we got to do like how grandma did, we got to put the goodness in the host, you mix it around the vitamins and minerals, right? We can't just give it to you like that. We got to do it in a very subtle way. Sometimes these influences, entertainers, and they're giving you that message to wake up. But they're doing it in a very subtle way. And their message is being heard by millions of people. Right.

The Confused Chosen One

Now. Let's talk about the fifth. The fifth type of Chosen One explained. And their mission. Which one are you deep divers? Now? This is what I call the confused Chosen One. Like, they can't make up their mind. Right? They're like, I know. I'm different. I know I came here for a higher purpose and reason and calling. But you see the problem Israel, what I'm stuck in between two worlds is like, I'm awake and aware. But at the same time, my OS is trapped in the matrix. My OS is trapped in the matrix. And I don't know what to do, Ralph, right. So these are the kinds of chosen ones who have the knowledge. And they're aware that we are so much more they are aware that the media is lying to them. They're aware that this system is corrupt. But still, they're still confused because they're like, I don't know how to live free. And this is the reason why a lot of people who are in regular jobs, some of them are chosen ones who are very awakened aware, is just that they haven't yet transitioned to really living the life that they're talking about. Or thinking about or reading about. Right. So this is what I call the confused Chosen One. They are stuck between worlds, the true world and the illusion world. Is that you deep divers, is that you let me know.

The Hermit

Okay. Let's talk about the sixth type of Chosen One. And their mission explained. This is the hermit which one of you is this new deep divers? Let me know. Right? We're at number six. The Hermit Are you a hermit? Are you always spending time alone? This type of chosen one enjoys their own company. They love meditating. They love hugging trees they love being connected to the elements they love being in nature. Whoa, breathing in that good oz prana baby they love having inner body experiences. They love trying really weird stuff like turning their phone off for a whole day and just sitting with their emotions mastering their emotions right. And this type of Chosen One is the hermit Chosen One. They would rather be with themselves than follow the crowd going in the wrong direction. They love exploring about their emotions, their feelings and they love having time for themselves. And this chosen one you often see them by themselves in that Buddha post that lotus position right is that you deep divers right and that mission, their mission is to really be bold enough to live their truth. And this requires you being alone have you noticed deep dive is like all the great masters the sage all the great masters the sages the gurus and Guru means teacher right when you see them in pictures that they're always alone like Buddha always alone Jesus Christ all alone cat down the road all alone meditating Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Right. Is that you? But they realize that never alone because the universal way send someone and we are all connected.

The Warrior/Warrior Queen

Now let's talk about number seven. The seventh type of Chosen One explained and their mission. Which one are you deep divers. This is the warrior, the warrior queen, the warrior king. Shout out to all the warrior Queens going hard. Shout out to all the warrior Queens going hard, helping humanity wake up to the truth of who they really are. Helping people get right with themselves. reminding people that they aren't powerless. They are powerful. Now the warrior queen and the warrior king. This is an individual a being who is really not about turn Think the other cheek, right? They are on the battlefield.

And they are fighting for the truth. They are fighting for your freedoms, they are fighting for your sovereignty, they are fighting the dark forces. And they are bringing the light, right? So many times, we come across these beings, right this woman here holding a long sword, warrior queen right here. And these are beings who don't back down, they are always going to protect the truth. They're gonna fight for the truth. And sometimes it gets them in trouble because sometimes they say stuff they shouldn't. Like it gets them in trouble. They do things like they don't care, because they're like being free. It's my birthright. We're going to expose the matrix for what it is. And shout out to all the warrior queens and kings right these are the way show us these beings are on the battlefield. Fighting the illusions fighting the lies, and they're no pushover Oh, they're no pushover deep divers. Is that you? Are you? Are you a warrior king and queen? Are you a warrior goddess warrior gods. Congratulations, their mission is to they are the warrior class right? They actually fight for you. They fight for your freedoms. They fight for your truths. And they are so needed. So needed the lightworkers I love all of you. I love all of you deep divers. I'm getting emotional.

The Healer

The eighth, okay, the eighth. Let's talk about it. The eighth type of Chosen One explained and their mission. Which one are you? This is the healer. Now this is the individual, the being who is all about helping you eat to live seven day vegan challenge. I wake up every single day with a whole bunch of grapes in my mouth. They are showing you that health is wealth. They're all about healing body, mind and soul. And they do this through showing you that there's another way to eat. You can eat to live. Many times these people are also not only showing you what to eat, they're showing you a lifestyle that is healthy. Through fitness and health. You often find these chosen ones they are fitness instructors, body gurus they know how to get a six pack in like six days. Right? They're gonna help you get a better body, mind and spirit. Right through eating to live and getting your body in shape because it's all connected. And is that you deep divers? Are you someone who's like a health nut? Right? You're always in the gym. You're always encouraging people to eat better stuff, a mango in your mouth. And you're like, hey, let's run a marathon right now. Right? And people are like, no, no, no, no, you can do that though. Right?

The Elder

Deep Dive is the ninth type of chosen one and their mission. Which one are you okay, this is the elder. The elders are so needed. And this type of Chosen One is the shaman. This type of Chosen One has been here for a long time they are guiding humanity to a better path because they are the guardians I call them the gatekeepers of the truth, the gate, the gatekeepers of the light, the guardians of the light. And because they've been here for a long time they hold the secrets. They've seen a lot. They have been around for a long time and till this day, many people go to Peru to meet the shamans, they do the Ayahuasca retreats. Those chosen ones have chosen to guide people because they have been here for a long time they are elders, respect your elders, right also in in Africa, you have the shamans, they're the master teachers, the gurus right in India, the elders, so respect your elders and these beings are wonderful because these chosen ones. The only mission is to spread love to all of humanity through their wisdom of being here for a long time and seeing the cycles of life and they are also the custodians the gatekeepers of the light. Right so deep dive is that is the night that is the nine types of Chosen Ones explained. And their missions which one will you Oh, we have fun deep dive is that's why I'm just saying so So good to be alive baby. Can I get a hello?

Whoa, breathing in that good ass prana baby deep divers. I love all of you. Now shout out to everyone who's been getting the wonderful book. Feel Alive by Ralph smart on Amazon and at Ralph book for more inspiring information just like this that will help you become your greatest version. Also go and check out the gas prices shirts, Ralph and If you're in America, and I want to remind you deep divers they tried to bury us they forgot we were seats, right? There are so many different types of Chosen Ones amongst us not, not all of us came here to do the same thing. Each one of us has a different role to play. But when you remind yourself no leaf falls from a tree without the universe's permission. Chosen Ones remind you of that. They remind you that you are powerful beyond measure. So shout out to all the chosen ones. I love all of you peace infinite waters diving deep once again stay well. Stay healthy peace you hit that like button deep divers share the video and add me on Instagram at Ralph smart leave a comment down below of love and appreciation you want me to go live chosen ones just say I love you Ralph. Live Ralph. Peace


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