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Our History

Liveology, LLC which produces Liveology Yoga Magazine, is a yoga media company with the motto "More Life More Yoga," founded by Christina Mills.

Christina first came up with the idea of Liveology as a coffee house ministry while working on a new church start in 2012. It was supposed to be an oasis where all could come of any faith and have open discussion and community. The church never took off at the time, and the idea laid dormant for many years while Christina got involved in politics and eventually yoga.

Christina had a major life transforming moment in 2016, which is when she began yoga and meditation. Her mother, Clara Mills, a pastor and former church executive, saw the transformation and referred many books for Christina to read during this time, including as A Course in Miracles as Christina began to seek deeply, practicing a deeply transformative practice, Ashtanga yoga 6 days a week.

By 2018, Christina was all in. She sold her home and many of her belongings and took her dog with her across the country as she embarked on her first yoga teacher training. This blossomed into a fun yoga events business that she called Liveology, still holding the web domain from so many years earlier. Read Christina's Bio.

By 2020, when the pandemic hit, Liveology had to change gears and went primarily online. Reading and taking notes was one of Christina's personal daily practices, and she slowly added these notes to the website. By 2021, she had written over 1,000 articles on the website on everything from yoga poses she was learning to plants, even planets, and we decided to turn it into a magazine. The first print issue was released in June 2021.

Today, Liveology is a growing nationwide yoga brand, continuing to do events, produce issues of Liveology Yoga Magazine and video content. Check out our free videos on YouTube or subscribe or order an individual copy of the magazine. All purchases give you access to our full library of articles, tutorials, and full classes.

When Christina Mills, formally founded Liveology, LLC, it was a yoga events business and has now grown into so much more! We still love to do events and regularly teach private groups, parties, corporate clients, and more in and out of Georgia. Learn more.

Liveology Yoga Magazine

Liveology Yoga Magazine is an 8.5"x5.5" mini mag that is becoming nationally recognized as a yoga media brand.

Subscribe, order an individual print copy, buy wholesale for retail sale at your shop or yoga studio, or simply place one on display in your waiting room for your clients to peruse.

Our Website is a resource for evolving humans on their spiritual journey with talks and tutorials for the new seeker to the teacher on navigating your yoga practice. We offer an integrated spiritual approach, with teachings from the wisest teachers across many traditions, throughout history, across the world.

We currently offer over 1,400 articles and videos , most of which are free. Get a Digital Subscription to the full library, including digital issues. Buying a physical copy includes a 30-day digital subscription.


As a family business ourselves, we want other teachers, writers, podcasters, entrepreneurs and small business owners to have the opportunity to be in the magazine, so we always want to know about amazing people, products, brands, and festivals.

Advertising is what helps us to print copies of Liveology Yoga Magazine. The more we sell in ads, the higher the quantities we can print at a time, dropping down the price of each individual copy. We would love to offer an affordable annual subscription, similar to larger magazine companies, once we can print enough copies to get the cost super low. Buying an ad is the best way to support Liveology Yoga Magazine. Advertising opportunities are available for every size business.

Advertise in an upcoming issue of Liveology Yoga Magazine with 1/4, 1/2 and full page ads, beginning at $108.


If you have something on your heart, we'd love to read what you have written and consider it for publication.

This is a yoga magazine, featuring helpful wellness practices, inspiration, and lighthearted games. It is intended to be family friendly, so anyone in the home can pick it up. We love personal stories, tips and tricks, that are uplifting and authentic but appropriate for all ages.

Editorial Calendar

Learn the themes for upcoming issues of the mag. This may be useful for writers and advertisers. Please log into your account to view our full calendar.

View our Editorial Calendar

Tell Us About Your Event

We have an events page, where we list yoga, meditation, and wellness related events. Because we serve a nationwide audience, we try to feature larger events, such as festivals and free community events.

Nominate Someone

As a thank you to our subscribers, we'd love to know who we should meet next. Though we know many would like to offer their recommendations, we think it's important that those who do have read and supported the magazine. Brag about someone you know at the Nominations page.


Liveology, LLC is a yoga media company sharing "More life. More yoga." Enjoy our asana library, glossary, and a wealth of free articles and videos. Read issues of Liveology Yoga Magazine in print or with a digital subscription. Follow us on Instagram and YouTube. Please tell a friend about Liveology today. Thank you for your continued and growing support.

Peace & Pineapples!


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