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The Book of Hosea

Do not exult as other nations do; for you have played the whore, departing from your God.

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Hosea son of Beeri


Chapter 1

The Family of Hosea

The Restoration of Israel

​Chapter 2

Israel’s Infidelity, Punishment, and Redemption

​Chapter 3

Further Assurances of God’s Redeeming Love

Chapter 4

​God Accuses Israel

The Idolatry of Israel

Impending Judgment on Israel and Judah

Chapter 5

A Call to Repentance

Chapter 6

Impenitence of Israel and Judah

Chapter 7

​Futile Reliance on the Nations

Chapter 8

Israel’s Apostasy

Chapter 9

Punishment for Israel’s Sin

Chapter 10

​Israel’s Sin and Captivity

Chapter 11

 God’s Compassion Despite Israel’s Ingratitude

Chapter 12

The Long History of Rebellion

Chapter 13

​Relentless Judgment on Israel

​Chapter 14

​A Plea for Repentance

Assurance of Forgiveness


The Family of Hosea

Hosea 1:2-9

9 When the LORD first spoke through Hosea, the LORD said to Hosea, “Go, take for yourself a wife of whoredom and have children of whoredom, for the land commits great whoredom by forsaking the LORD.” 3 So he went and took Gomer daughter of Diblaim, and she conceived and bore him a son. 4 And the LORD said to him, “Name him Jezreel;a for in a little while I will punish the house of Jehu for the blood of Jezreel, and I will put an end to the kingdom of the house of Israel. 5 On that day I will break the bow of Israel in the valley of Jezreel.” 6 She conceived again and bore a daughter. Then the LORD said to him, “Name her Lo-ruhamah, for I will no longer have pity on the house of Israel or forgive them. 7 But I will have pity on the house of Judah, and I will save them by the LORD their God; I will not save them by bow, or by sword, or by war, or by horses, or by horsemen.” 8 When she had weaned Lo-ruhamah, she conceived and bore a son. 9 Then the LORD said, “Name him Lo-ammi, for you are not my people and I am not your God.”

Israel’s Apostasy

Hosea 8:4-6

They made kings, but not through me;

they set up princes, but without my knowledge.

With their silver and gold they made idols

for their own destruction.

5 Your calf is rejected, O Samaria.

My anger burns against them.

How long will they be incapable of innocence?

6 For it is from Israel,

an artisan made it;

it is not God.

The calf of Samaria

shall be broken to pieces.

Punishment for Israel’s Sin

Hosea 9:1-3

Do not rejoice, O Israel!

Do not exulta as other nations do;

for you have played the whore, departing from your God.

You have loved a prostitute’s pay

on all threshing floors.

2 Threshing floor and wine vat shall not feed them,

and the new wine shall fail them.

3 They shall not remain in the land of the LORD;

but Ephraim shall return to Egypt,

and in Assyria they shall eat unclean food.

Assurance of Forgiveness

Hosea 14:4-9

I will heal their disloyalty;

I will love them freely,

for my anger has turned from them.

5 I will be like the dew to Israel;

he shall blossom like the lily,

he shall strike root like the forests of Lebanon.

6 His shoots shall spread out;

his beauty shall be like the olive tree,

and his fragrance like that of Lebanon.

7 They shall again live beneath my shadow,

they shall flourish as a garden;

they shall blossom like the vine,

their fragrance shall be like the wine of Lebanon.

8 O Ephraim, what have I to do with idols?

It is I who answer and look after you.

I am like an evergreen cypress;

your faithfulness comes from me.

9 Those who are wise understand these things;

those who are discerning know them.

For the ways of the LORD are right,

and the upright walk in them,

but transgressors stumble in them.

Next Book: Joel


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