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Can the U.S. Heal from this DIS-EASE?

Is healing possible?

January 29, 2024.

Sharing what’s been on my heart and mind, and while I want to keep this channel positive and uplifting, what’s on my heart is the state of our country. We are not at ease as a country. How do we heal from this dis-ease? Would love to know your thoughts. As always, please keep your comments solution based and respectful for all.

0:00 Intro

1:33 Keeping it Non-Partisan

3:04 Fed Up

4:44 We're Right. They're Evil. We're Right. They're Evil

6:28 Is the American Dream Dead?

10:26 Getting Past Partisanship

11:22 Healing the Dis-ease

13:18 Share Your Thoughts


Full Video Transcription

Peace family this is Christina and it is Monday January 29th and I have a big question for you all: What is it going to take to heal the United States of America? Big one right? I've been hesitant to go here with the channel and as always I want to keep it uplifting respectful of all and edifying to all. However if you live in the United States right now, especially if you are an American citizen, you understand how big of a crisis we're going through in so many different ways and how much dis-ease what I would call it dis-ease (being not at ease) that we are experiencing as a nation. I've been doing these daily videos, and I really want it to come from the heart and so this is what's been on my heart. This is much more dedicated to asking questions than to giving you all an answer, so I really want to know what you all think about this.

Before I get into my thoughts and my questions for you all, as always I want to offer you all my well-wishes and my prayers for more life, more love, more joy, more peace, and prosperity to you, to your family, to your community, to your children. even to your enemies.

So let's get into this video. If you live in the United States right now, I don't even really have to tell you what's going on, and I'm purposely keeping this nonpartisan. So I will just give you a small amount of background on myself just so that you can have context, but you know I used to be heavily involved in politics and things like that when I was in my 20s which is like I think most people right like you kind of get a cause and you like run with it you know and as I've gotten older I'm really trying to walk what I would call the middle path okay as any of you who've studied Buddhism might understand me where it's just trying to not be too extreme here or there but to really find where is the balancing point for myself right now again this is not to tell y'all what you should do and what you should believe or anything this is really just to ask the question because I think too few of us are really asking this question in a nonpartisan way which is how do we really heal the United States of America

you know so I'm talking about I used to be involved in partisan Politics as a younger person because I used to really you know I you know I really believe that we need to be the change that we want to see in the world right so if you want to see a difference you should get out there and do something about it right and so for me at the time I was thinking well like let me get involved in the political process so that I can make a difference here you know and you know as of today and I want to know how you guys really feel so please let me know in the comments how you feel because I know I'm kind of fed up right now with the political process and are you guys fed up with this are you fed up with these Shenanigans.

It feels like you know you watch the news or even if you watch YouTube Right everything is like filtered through this very partisan lens right so if you you know if you know how kind of that algorithm works like YouTube right it will feed you what it thinks you will watch and same thing with Instagram you know um you have the people that you follow and then it will kind of suggest to you other things that you might like based on your watch History right and so what happens is we all end up in this Echo chamber that kind of feeds us more of what we already think and believe right

and so if you kind of lean more conservative then you will have conservative pundits come up conservative commentators you'll get f Fox News and stuff like that and it will kind of collectively confirm things that you might already believe if you are more left leaning you will have more left leaning commentators more left leaning you know pundits and like you know have MSNBC and stuff like that and it will feel like organically you're like well everyone believes this because this is all that I see on my feet or everyone must feel like this way like how can anyone think opposite right

but then like you you do the exercise if you ever have done this if you've never done this really try to do this like if you are an MSNBC person spend the day watching only Fox News or if you're like a Fox News person spend the day only watching MSNBC or spend the day don't watch any of it and just try to watch BBC or like a whole different country's take on how the United States is because it feels like what's happened is we've created these two gigantic Echo Chambers and like these people are like we're right and these people are evil and we're right and these people are evil and these people seem to genuinely feel that way and then you have a lot of us who are in the middle who are like y'all look crazy AF right

Is it just me, but it feels like watching this argument go down continually for years and years and years, and the reason why nothing is getting done in the government is because these people who are elected, rather than trying to find the solution that actually makes the most sense, they want to - let's say they're having an argument, they will just do ad hominem attacks, try to tear the other person down, look they're stupid, let me tear down their personal life and things like that. Who cares if this person did all that in their personal life? How do we fix the problem?

Or then you you have the government when they start to pass bills - let's say we have some common sense measures that everyone agrees with, but then this party wants to throw in extra BS that's not even related to the bill. So we're talking about a transportation bill, but these people want to throw in stuff about fracking or whatever, and these people want to throw in stuff about books and schools, and we're sitting here like wait I thought this was about transportation like can we just stick to the topic at hand? And the reason why nothing's getting passed is because we're throwing in like everything everything under the sun into these bills as opposed to just being straight to the point, like okay we all agree we need public transportation. How do we make that happen? Period. Done. As opposed to all this extra chatter, and at this point in the United States, it really feels like we are going down the tubes.

I've been watching so many videos of like expatriates, people leaving the country like people talking about what do we do here right. I love the United States. I was born here. I've enjoyed growing up here. I feel like it's had a huge amount of opportunity for me. I have a yoga business that I started a few years ago, and it's been a challenge to be honest, but the idea that I can start a business is wonderful. In some countries, I have some European friends who I've talked to. They'll say like, "You may not have been able to create what you've done in this country or in that country just because the laws are different."

So I'm so grateful to be born here, and I get why so many people have heard about the American dream, and they want to come here and be a part of it, but I'm sitting here like I'm not sure the American dream is even a dream anymore. It feels like it's turning into a nightmare and it feels like it's happening quickly. It feels like it's happening quickly, like it's like a downturn for the United States. And maybe it was an illusion. Maybe they were just gassing us up and making us think that the United States was doing better than it was. I don't know. I just know that it feels like right now that the country is going down the tubes, and I'm not blaming the migrants, I'm not blaming one party, I'm not blaming another party.

I'm trying to ask a genuine question, which is: How do we heal our country?

I don't want to leave this country like I like it here you know my family is here and I feel like I've had so much opportunity here. I believe that everyone deserves to have a good life, love, joy, peace, prosperity, abundance all that.

But it feels like this negative energy is just hovering over the United States it's like this negative hateful antagonistic, argumentative type energy and it's like this side is just all they want to do is tear down the other side, and this side all they want to do is tear down the other side, and it feels like both sides are willing to literally throw the country under the bus just so that their side can win and I'm sitting here like yo man y'all need to chill. Y'all need to really chill like both y'all need to chill and sit down and and like give up this partisan stuff and actually make Solutions outside of that.

And you know it's funny because even like when you have those kind of Centrist people or like you'll have third party candidates come up who are like you know Green Party, there's like a bunch of third parties that will kind of pop up, and a candidate will be a part of that party and then the the angry people on either side will be like, "If you vote for this third party candidate that's really a vote for one of the the other candidates," or "You're you're pulling votes from one of the other candidates so what you should really do is just pick a side."

And I just feel like the country for us to heal has to get somehow beyond this like you're either here or you're there and it's like the people who end up in office seem to be the most extreme of the extreme, and then we put those people on television and those are the people that get the most views because they're so extreme.

People are like, "Oh my God look at this crazy stuff that this person is saying!"

So the actually insane people are the ones who I feel like get the highest rank and the most views and the people who are like reasonable, the Centrists, the people who are like I can see both sides of this. I can see why you would think that and I can see why you would think that let's come to middle ground. It's like those people are not the ones who end up in office. It ends up being the most extreme of the extreme and then they can't come to any type of harmony because they're kind of stuck in this echo chamber that says we're right they're they're evil, we're right they're evil, and it just feels like in order to really heal our country, we just have to get past all of this partisan stuff.

Maybe it's just me and if there's another solution, I would love to hear what you all think it is because I want to see this country not only bounce back, I want it to thrive. I want to see immigrants be able to come into the country. I also want to see the people in the United States be successful. I want to see people be able to have businesses and like myself, who wants to have a business, wants to be a business owner, but I also want to see people who haven't been able to do that to have whatever resources they need.

And so it's like why can't we just get along! It sounds so silly, but it's true. What is this energy about that is so aggressive and angry and like I said this country is just in a state of dis-ease, it's diseased, and it feels like there's like a cancer or something in our country that I'm not sure that just picking a new president is going to fix it. I just really don't know and it almost feels like we need an overhaul or something you know. I don't want to see see our country literally go down the tubes and have an economic collapse in order for us to learn our lesson that we should just be chill and try to support support each other as opposed to trying to tear each other down.

And so that's what's been on my heart and mind today. Like I said, I was really hesitant to even do this video because I don't want to be negative. I want you know I embarked on the this path of more life, more abundance, really to heal my mind, and to heal my life, and to find this positive happy place, and I want all of us to feel that way. I want all of us to feel uplifted. I want all of us to feel peaceful in our homes, peaceful when we go outside. I want us to all feel safe in our communities. We should be safe to go down the street and walk and talk to each other and say hello. We should feel happy driving down the road as opposed to it feels like just complete chaos.

And it feels like these people who are in office for whatever reason are hellbent on creating angst and chaos and destruction, it's this destructive energy, and I'm not really sure where it's coming from. That's why I'm asking more a question than giving an answer and I want to really hear I want to see who's on this vibration and might have some insight. Go into the comments and like I said this is not a place to be negative. I want this to be uplifting. If y'all get into conversation in the comments, I want this to be helpful, edifying, positive, solution based, as opposed to F them F them, they're stupid, they're dumb, you know that's not helpful. Destructive stuff isn't helpful. We've been doing that for long enough.

How do we like like elevate our consciousness, elevate our our country? How do we do that? And I'm not saying that I have the answer, but maybe you all do, so I would love to hear your comments on this. If anyone else feels like the country is going down the tubes. I don't believe that we should live in a state of fear at all. God has not given me a mind of fear but of faith and of a sound mind, and so when you become fearful, that's when you make bad decisions and that's across the board right so I think we have to come from a joyful place, an uplifted place, a clearheaded place, and I think we can find the solution to this.

I think there is a way to bring our country back, and I'm not saying back to the slave days, stuff like that no, but I mean bring our country back to a place of the American dream I want to I want the American dream. I want to have have my picket fence and my family and and feel like we can buy a home comfortably like previous generations did, and that we can retire, and that we can go outside with our kids and walk down the street and there's not going to be shootings and stuff. Where we can send our kids to school and there's not going to be any problems. That's what I want the country to be. That's the country I want to live in. And I want people to come here and feel like this is a great place to be, but it has to be a great place to be, and I'm not sure that it's it's being that way right now

So again, if you have any thoughts on this, I wish that you would comment your thoughts. Again, let's keep it positive. If this was helpful, please give it a thumbs up and I'm trying to keep this positive. I might talk more about current events, so let me know if you have any other comments, if you've been watching my channel, of what kind of stuff you want me to talk about in an uplifting uplifting way.

So as always, you know I love you guys so much. I love this country. I love the world. You know all I want to do is send love out into the universe, and let's just keep it there. So as always, I will see you on the next one. Wishing you life, love, joy, peace, and prosperity, but not just to you, to all of the country, to all of the world and with that I will see you on the next one.


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