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Benefits of Yoga

There are numerous benefits, from improved digestion to spiritual connection.

Peace family. It's Christina. So today I wanted to talk to you guys about some of the benefits of yoga. One of the biggest questions I get from people who are new to practice is simply, "What does yoga do for me? Exactly. I see that you look really flexible and like you can do poses were you a gymnast? You know, what does yoga even do for me? Is it just exercise?"

First of all, I was not a gymnast. A lot of yoga teachers were not gymnasts. Yoga can help you to achieve new levels of strength and flexibility in your body at any age. It can also increase the level of flow within the body, reducing stagnation. We have internal pathways called nadis, and it just helps to increase flow among the body.

So one example is let's say you do a twist, you are creating some type of constriction, almost like if you think of wringing out like a towel. You wring it out. And then as you unwind it, all this fresh blood can come through, so you're wringing out old stuff, and allowing new fresh blood, fresh water, everything fresh to come through. So it helps to eliminate toxins and waste. It can help with digestion. So if you are new to doing twist and forward folds, it can actually help to improve your digestion. It can improve the speed of your digestion, which can be really great if you have things like constipation.

It can help to improve your respiratory your breathing. So it can help to expand your ribcage. Practices like deep breathing with sound which we do in our Ashtanga yoga, as well as different pranayama practices can really increase the the size of the lungs and help to take a lot more air than you otherwise would be able to. It can help you to lengthen the breath and also hold the breath for longer. It help increase prana, which is the energy lifeforce - to have more lifeforce, feel more vibrant, feel more energetic, feel more clear and bright at any time.

And so yoga has a lot of different benefits, but ultimately, yoga is a spiritual discipline that's meant to help to yoke or unite body, mind and spirit. Or another way to say it is the human with the divine, or with your inner self with your higher self. And so these are spiritual practices that can help you get in touch with your physical body, clear the physical body. But it can also help to clear the subtle body and some of the energetic layers of the body, helping to get to different levels of mental clarity, helping to tap into your higher power and to really access more information from the Divine that sometimes can be accessed during regular time.

And so there are lots of different benefits I have found - definitely improved digestion improved, improved ability to deal with stress, improved breathing, improved vision, and pretty much any part of the body and any part of your physical and mental experience can be improved through the practice.

So I hope you enjoy practicing with us. If you have any questions about yoga, we have tons of videos, you can always get in contact with us for personalized yoga teaching. As always, love you guys. Thank you for watching!


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Peace & Pineapples!

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