Liveology Yoga Studios is an Ashtanga based yoga house headquartered in the downtown Atlanta neighborhood,
Castleberry Hill, near Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Frequently asked questions

Location & Parking

Liveology Yoga Studios is located at 132 Walker St. #11 Atlanta, GA 30313 in Castleberry Hill, near Mercedes Benz Stadium, across the street from the corner restaurant, Neyow's. Street parking available on Walker St. and Nelson St. Paid lot available at No Mas Cantina and behind Neyows on Nelson St. Please allow a few minutes to find parking.

Class Pricing & Membership

Drop ins are $13. This will increase to $15 on November 1. Pay for class online or with CashApp or Venmo. Our cashtag is $liveology, and the last 4 numbers are -2221. Please, no cash. Buy a class pack and save. 4 for $44 Monthly Unlimited $108 (recurring) Monthly Unlimited $120 (one month)

Moon Days & Ladies' Holiday

FULL & NEW MOON The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar month, and the Full Moon, is the peak time. It is an Ashtanga tradition not to hold class on the Full Moon and New Moon. As an Ashtanga based studio, we observe the Full and New Moon as Moon Days and do not hold Ashtanga classes on these days. LADIES' HOLIDAY In the Ashtanga community, "Moon Days" can also refer to the first few days of a woman's cycle, when she may choose not to practice. Engaging energy locks, or bandhas, can be difficult during this time. Additionally, the body is trying to engage in apana vayu or downward moving energy during this time, while intense asana practice is focusing on prana vayu or upward rising energy. In yoga practice in general, we try to move with our natural rhytms, and allow the body to relax when it needs to, which is why women often choose take a few days off or however long she feels she her body wants to rest. If you do choose to practice on personal Moon Days, inversions are not recommended during flow days becasue they reverse the flow. Our founder teaches but does not practice on her personal Moon Days, though we recommend that everyone should make their own choice.

New to Yoga! Where do I begin?

Welcome! Beginner/All Levels Classes Pranayama/Meditation Stretch x Flex Yogaerobics Trap Yoga Capoeira Angola Fundamentals 1/2 Primary Series (Ashtanga is a dynamic form of yoga in a heated room) If you are interested in learning in the Ashtanga yoga method, join us for an upcoming Ashtanga Foundations Course, in which we explain the postures and go deeper into the 8-limbs of yoga.


Rev. Clara T. Mills is the Director of Liveology Yoga Studios. Learn more about Rev. Clara T. Mills. Contact Liveology Yoga Studios/Rev. Clara T. Mills.

What is Ashtanga?

The word Ashtanga simply means "8 limbed path," referring to the 8 aspects of yoga: Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. Ashtanga yoga is a method that originated in Mysore India, in which we practice a set sequence that can be repeated daily for potent benefits. Ashtanga classes give you a strong overall foundation in yoga with seated postures, standing postures, balancing postures, backbends, twists, and inversions. We practice in a heated room to help you sweat, burning off toxins and impurities. Over time, the practice can be transformational for the body and mind, increasing flexibility, strength, alignment, and mental clarity. This is a rigorous form of yoga that is practiced by people of all ages and body types. Because we are trying to build tapas, or the inner fire of transformation, is recommended not to drink water during class, which would put out the fire. So we recommended that you hydrate in the hours before class so you can sweat it out. In order to build this inner fire of transofrmation, it is recommended to practice at least 3 days per week, though practicing up to 5 or 6 days a week can be truly transformative MYSORE Monday through Thursday 6-8 AM Practice at your own pace. Mysore is the only true all levels class that is even accessible to individuals with injuries or disabilities because it allows you to learn and practice the Ashtanga sequence at your own pace. If you are new to this practice, we will only teach you a small portion of the sequence until you commit it to memory. As you memorize the sequence, you will learn the rest one or a couple of postures at a time. This allows the practice to truly become your own and allows the teacher more time to provide individual attention and adjustments to each student. Arrive any time during the window as long as you are done by 8 AM. ASHTANGA 1/2 PRIMARY SERIES for BEGINNERS Monday through Thursday 6 PM Learn the beginning half of the Primary Series in this led class intended for beginners. Heated room.


Christina V. Mills is the founder of Liveology Yoga Studios and Editor of Liveology Yoga Magazine. Learn more about Christina.


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