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What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing uses sound frequencies to harmonize and balance the frequencies within the body, which creates an atmosphere for healing and produces relaxation. Sound healing is often done with Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks that emit pure frequencies.

It is believed that sound healing works by affecting the subtle or energetic body. We are all familiar with the physical body, but all of our life experiences and karma are held in the energetic body, which is invisible. The physical body is a reflection or a physical manifestation of our spiritual selves. As we heal our energetic or spiritual aspects, the physical body reflects that.

We view our physical reflection, our bodies, as either sick or in a state of health, but what we see and feel in our bodies is ultimately based upon on the state of our spirit.

Sound healing taps into the energetic frequencies that we cannot see to affect this energetic body and produce an increased state of harmony and health in the physical body. You can tune the body with just one tuning fork or sound bowl, over a particular area of the body, or by listening to specific frequencies.

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