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Sunday, April 18 | Habari Gani? | Cross Over

Just do it.


Sun in Aries

Waxing Crescent Moon in Cancer


Sunday, April 18, 2021

There are levels to this shit.

Once we've done enough work to get to a level where we feel successful, it's wonderful to enjoy the fruits of our labor, but sometimes, this level of satisfaction and seeming success can actually be a level of severe distraction. If you've made it to one of the oases of life, you have accomplished something great, and it's beautiful and fun as a reward for your efforts. But the oasis is more like a beautiful resting stop on a long journey than a permanent residence. Why? Because this life is a journey of neverending flow and progression.

It is possible to be on a level where things seem to be going well for you and still have inner turmoil or chaos from not doing the actual inner work that needs to be done, from avoiding or even outright refusing to work on your healing in the deepest possible way.

Most of us like to be on the surface of spiritual development. We do just enough yoga or just enough meditative practices to feel some benefit or to look "woke" but have not actually experienced the fire of transformation or only have partially. And many of us like it there because once you start to go deep, very interesting things start to happen. When you are newly initiated, some of these new experiences can be disconcerting, even if they are good. And as you continue on, it can feel like you are giving up a piece of yourself and are not able to relate to people in the same way. This is only because you are leveling up and most people will not understand that. That's ok.

If you actually stop playing around in the wading pool at the oasis and keep going on the journey, you'll find that looking closely at and healing from your traumas and taking steps to heal more and more brings you to better and better oases.

Additionally, if you have been sitting in an oasis pool for some time and feel like you have made it, your role is now to help others get there. This is not every man for himself. We are all walking each other home. It is a continual progressing and helping others to progress.

And so today, Spirit is lighting a fire under us to get moving, go deeper, and focus on our internal healing. And when people come into our space, to consider how we may be a part of their healing as opposed to their trauma. So that we can all be in the oasis together.

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Love you, family!