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In the Beginning, there is Sweating | Hatha Yoga Pradipika 2:12-18

Early on in practice, take milk and ghee.

Photo by Max Winkler

Chapter 2

In the Beginning, there is Sweating

II.12 In the beginning, there is sweating, in the middle, trembling, and in the highest, the body becomes grounded and transcendent like a tree. Therefore, one should practice restraining the breath.

13 Any perspiration that arises from pranayama should be massaged back into the skin, causing the body to become strong and light.

14 Early on in practice, take milk and ghee. Once the practitioner becomes more advanced, this is not necessary.

15 Just as a wild animal like a lion or tiger is tamed gradually, the same applies to the breath. Slowly bring it under control or it can cause injury or even kill the practitioner.

16 Through correct practice of pranayama, one gains freedom from all diseases. Incorrect practice manifests disease.

17 Incorrect practice of pranayama can lead to hiccups, asthma, bronchial disease, ear and eye pain, and other diseases.

18 Exhale slowly and attentively. Inhale slowly and attentively. Only then can a practitioner restrain the breath and receive the benefits of practice.


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