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Hot Air Balloon: A Visualization | The Indigo Issue

Featured in The Indigo Issue of Liveology Yoga Magazine.

Find a comfortable seat. Begin to elongate the breathing into rhythmic slow, full breaths. Then begin.

I want you to envision yourself floating down a river on a boat with no paddle.

With the boat seeming to lead the way on its own, there is nothing to do but lay back and enjoy the journey.

Take a big inhale, taking in the fresh air around you. What does it smell like? Pay attention to the sound of the birds, the gentle sound of the water, and any sounds you hear as you relax in the boat, illuminated by the warm rays of the sun. Enjoy.

You notice, in the distance, a house. Your house. And a you draw closer, a dock. The boat guides you right to the edge of the dock, and you can tell that you won't have to tie it up. As you walk up toward your beautiful house, you notice something new. A freshly inflated hot air balloon waits on your front lawn with an eagar looking attendant nearby.

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