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Eyes & Pineapple | The Meaning Behind the Liveology Logo

Liveology's eyes and pineapple logo represents a woman who is tapped in, both physically and spiritually, using her focused gaze and spiritual awareness.

This woman is deeply spiritual and connected to her third eyesight, represented by the pineapple with a crown of leaves. She is royalty and wears a crown at all times. Represented by the fluttery eyes, she is connected to her divine feminine and expresses her mesmerizing, focused gaze to direct her attention and manifest the visions she receives in her third eye. She is in a state of balance, fully embodied and also fully spiritual, and though she is not of the world, she thrives in it.

This is the tapped in and empowered woman we seek to embody and represent through Liveology Yoga Studios and Magazine.


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Peace & Pineapples!