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We're Taking Liveology on the Road!

Let's go!

Pease family. It's Christina. And today, I am driving back from Alabaster, Alabama, it was my first time in Alabaster. And it was cool. I went to a to lead a bachelorette yoga class, just super fun. It's actually not my first time doing bachelorette yoga. So if you're about to get married, or if you're about to be like a maid of honor, call me.

So I wanted to talk to you guys about my next steps, what I'm doing. And because today is our last day at the studio on Walker street, I just wanted to tell you guys about, like, pretty much what I'm doing and what we're doing with Liveology.

Closing the Studio on Walker St.

So first things first, why are we closing the studio? So it turned out that you guys know, I was in Miami for a couple of months. And studying with the amazing, the matchless Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann and learning so much, and it was so awesome. And when I got back, it turned out that the owners of the space, were thinking of building it out pretty much because they want to have their own business there. And so they're building it out to be like a foot spa or like a foot bath, something like that. And it was pretty much going to be built out in such a way that it's not going to be conducive for yoga, like we wouldn't really have the space or the ability to do what we do there with their build out. And so that meant that we had to leave.

I really thought about it, you know, I thought about whether we should move to a different location, or what and so I decided that right now just because I'm traveling, and such that I thought it would be best to just kind of let it go. And, you know, it's been an interesting time of self reflection. And so that's why I just kind of wanted to talk to you guys about this past year, and the studio and all of that, because it's been a such a major year. And I feel like I'm finally having a chance to self reflect and really think through like everything that happened, which is why I kind of want to talk to you guys even more.


So you know, for those of you who do know how we even got the studio right, was kind of random. So let me just give you guys the backstory for those of you who don't know, real quick. So I used to teach only two classes a week. Last year, pretty much this time last year, I was teaching two classes a week, Ashtanga yoga at an Ashtanga shala. And I ended up having to leave that location, and was kind of in the lurch. So I was like, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Like, I don't know, where I'm gonna teach these classes. So I kind of made a clarion call, like, "Hey, guys, I need to spot!" and within a few days, I someone told me about this location, and we opened up less than a week after I thought I wasn't even going to be able to teach anymore.

And so it was kind of a miraculous thing that I even had this location in the first place. And, you know, it was kind of like, it was just a great, it was just a great opportunity. But the reality is, and this is kind of the self reflective part that I've been really thinking through, even though I love, loved having a studio, and I love teaching classes and all of that, the actual vision that I wrote down, was not for a studio. It was for a magazine. And I was actually pretty intentional about the things I was writing down and trying to manifest. So that included you know, traveling for events and included interviewing people across the country and included, you know, many YouTube includes a whole bunch of things. But it did not include a yoga studio right now.

Focusing on the Magazine

And when I very first wrote the plan for the magazine, I wanted to release it monthly. And I wanted that to really be like an entity unto itself. About two weeks before I launched the magazine. It was supposed to be the June 2021 issue which did come out, that was the moment when I wasn't able to teach classes at the old location anymore, and got a new spot and ended up kind of randomly opening up a yoga studio because the space that was available was available all the time. And so they were like, you know, pretty much the deal was like I was like, hey, I need just a couple of classes and they were like well, no one uses this space. So you could just pretty much open up like a whole like full fledged studio. And it's crazy to me because I was like okay, and I had no plan for that. Like I just was like okay, well Let's just like let's figure out how to pop up and pop open a studio. And I think there's a little bit more to it than that.

And so there's so many levels to this, but I just kind of wanted to debrief with you guys, because I've been debriefing with the people that are really close to me as I really think through like, this past year, and whether I should have you kept the studio open or not. And ultimately made the decision, as I said, to let it go for now. Because I really want to focus on the magazine. And and so that's really what it is, you know. I have planed, a couple of events going forward in different parts of the country. So so far, we have Dallas/McKinney area, we also have Baltimore, and we have Jacksonville, Florida, that we're going to be popping up this summer. And then in the meantime, for those of you who've been, following me, I'm kind of just doing like a mobile events business. So you know, right now I'm teaching the FCFL Fan controlled Football, which is awesome. Like, I'm really having fun with that, you know, traveling, just kind of doing events like this. And it's like, really fun. And so this is kind of like the vibe of what I initially wrote down in my vision, which is traveling to different parts of the country, meeting amazing, yogi's and people who just want to, like live a positive, happy, healthy life and kind of share whatever practices I've learned with them, you know, interview them, learn from them. And I'm documenting it in the mag and on the website.

Next Steps

And so I just feel, you know, it's interesting, because, when you end something, so many people want to be like, Oh, my God, that's so sad. Like, I'm so sorry, like, all of that, and, and I get it, and I appreciate all of that. But I actually really feel like this is for the best. And I'm gonna be in Miami the last two weeks of May doing more Ashtanga. So I'll be back to see Kino again. And I'm doing that because I get to meet Sharath for the first time, who is the paramguru of Ashtanga Yoga, pretty much means that he's the lineage holder. So he's the grandson of the person who started the lineage. And it's just a really big honor and a big deal for me, as someone who practices Ashtanga has done it for a number of years to meet him. And to be able to practice, you know, with him is just going to be a great honor. And I'm really excited about that.

And so I feel really free, you know, I do feel some level of I get it, you know, sadness, and you know, everything, you know, that ends, you know, nothing lasts forever. And, you know, there is some feeling that is there with an ending of something. But at the same time, I feel like this is really like a big beginning. And I feel like this is an opportunity for me to really launch the magazine the way I wanted to the first time really started to produce a monthly, like, I feel like the studio really was a distraction from the magazine. So I was only I was unable to produce it monthly, because I was scrambling trying to figure out how to make the studio round, you know, and so.

New Youtube Videos Weekly

So I just kind of wanted to explain that to you guys. And to let you guys know that I'm still here. I'm still around, I've been producing tons of content for the last month. Me myself, my mother, XP and a couple of other people who you may or may not know, some may be new to you. We've been recording. And we've been creating a lot of content for YouTube. So I have a stock of videos like full classes, I have yoga posture tutorials, I have meditation, I have kind of Yama and I have those things also from other people, not just from me. And so one, I think this is just a really great opportunity for those of you who want to keep practicing with me. Now you can see me all the time. And you can practice full classes with me anytime that you want.

A lot of that content is on YouTube already, we're going to be slow dripping, a lot of that we have content literally for the rest of the year, like not exaggerating. So we're gonna keep letting that every week we're going to be posting new videos, both yoga like Asana, postures, breathing, meditation, all that's going to go every week. They're going up on Wednesdays on YouTube. And then on Mondays, we have Manifestation Monday, which is becoming more of like a roundtable discussion. So it's so it's becoming a podcast. So you're still going to be able to participate with us live on YouTube, but it's going to be like a pre recorded for those of us who are kind of like hosts of it with some like guests, people coming in to talk about the stuff that they do. So it's just changing a little bit. But those of you who have been a part of it will still be able to be a part of it in real life. We're just changing the format of everything to a more mobile format one so that I can travel and be wherever I need to be. And also it allows me to meet like how many people like I said, I was just Alabama like meeting a whole bunch of new people. So, um, so it's all to the goodie. And that's kind of all I have to say about it.

I love you guys so much. And I'm really excited about this new journey in my life, and being with you guys just in a slightly different way, being able to touch even more people than before. And so that's it. Like I said, I'm doing private events, private coaching, private teaching, all that good stuff. So if you want me, reach me, I'm still around, reach out to me, I'm still here. I'm still here. And make sure to please like, subscribe to our YouTube and share with a friend you know, let somebody know what we're doing. And if you find a video that was helpful for you, like make sure to share with others. That's how our algorithm goes up and we can, you know, do really cool things with the channel, the more that we get subscribers and stuff and that really helps. And so that's it. I will see you later.


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Peace & Pineapples!


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