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Shoulderstand for Beginners with Variations

Peace family, it's Christina. And today we're working on shoulderstand, which is one of my favorite restorative postures.

We're going to start laying on our back. And we're just going to stretch the legs straight out. And we're going to work on lifting the legs straight up toward the ceiling. And then we're going to press the elbows down, or pressing the arms down, to reach the hips upward, and then we're going to support the back with the hands. So once you're in this position, you really don't want to move your head. Really be careful. So once you have your head in position, really try not to move your neck, you might want to move the elbows inward a little bit. So that you have a nice support on your back. If you're just simply going to reach the feet upward. Bring the feet together, if they're apart. Reach up through the feet. As you look up towards your toes, this can actually be a deeply relaxing posture. At least for me.

Now, if you're finding a little bit of difficulty getting into Shoulderstand, then one of the first thing that I would say to do is to simply start on your back, with the legs straight up. A lot of the benefits that you'll get from shoulder stand, you'll also get from just having the legs straight up the wall. And you can do this, literally just like I'm doing in the middle of the room, you can also take the legs up the wall, so you can kind of just like scoot your back up next to the wall. And then if you want like a more relaxing concert and just relax the legs against the wall, and you can lay there for a really long time. And it can be super relaxing.

If you really do want to get up into shoulderstand, another thing that you can do, if you find a little bit of trouble with the shoulders, is to place something underneath your back, that will kind of elevate the shoulders a little bit, but let the head be off of it. So something like this. I'm just using his pillow for now. But if you have a couple of blankets that can be really, really good. And so I'm just gonna lay on this pillow with my shoulders on pillow, but with my head off the pillow. And then I'm gonna go into my shoulders. If you're having some issues with the shoulders, where it feels like it's really constricted, this can actually give you some extra space for the head to go down.

Once you're in Shoulderstand it's actually one of those postures that can be really actually meditative. Believe it or not, once you practice it for a while. So I would recommend to just look at the feet. And you can stay there especially if you have some type of support. Or you know, even if you just have the legs up the wall. Simply just look at the feet. And I've had some really fun experiences, practicing shoulderstand and kind of being lost in the experience of just being in that posture and you never know how postures will affect you.

So if you have a different experience or if you have any questions about this, I'd love to know what your experience was. Anyway, I love you guys as always and I will see you in the next one! Thank you for watching.


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