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Our Handmade 108 Malas & How to Use Them

Peace family. It's Christina. And today I wanted to talk about malas. And how to use them what they are.

I have been making these beautiful 108 malas, which can be used for meditation prayer, really, however you want to use them. I make them out of wooden beads and hemp. So it's pretty strong and durable, I make a few different versions.

This one is called the Peace Mala. And it's this one is mine, this is the one that I carry around, I have a few that I keep from myself, but this one is really the one that I carry around the most. And you can wear it, you know, around your neck. I also like to put it around my wrist so that you can kind of like, have it with you. And then I just tuck the string, if you want to kind of like wear it like as a bracelet, which kind of works for me. But I just really wanted to just go over how you can use them in your personal practice.

These are out of the Buddhist tradition. So that's where this comes from. But you can use this out of really any tradition, I guess Buddhist, Hindu tradition is really where this comes from. So in yoga, it's really where I learned to use one away meditation beads for japa meditation. So japa meditation is the type of meditation where you will chant something over and over again, which can be deeply meditative, even a little bit hypnotic to me like hypnotizing. So the idea with these prayer beads is that there are 108 beads that go around. And then there's a guru bead at the center. And then there's a tassel.

As you're meditating, I'm right handed, so I would hold them in my right hand, even though sometimes I'll hold the other side with my left hand. And so you would just count down, count down, count down one at a time. And so you would go away around countdown all the way around till you get to the end. And then you would stop, before you get to the guru beat. So you would never actually cross this. So if you wanted to keep going, once you got to the end, you would just go in the opposite direction. And you would keep going like that, like if you really wanted to meditate for a long time, you would do that you wouldn't go in circles like this way you would go to the end and then go in the opposite direction.

You can use them in so many different ways you can literally count them, I make these and so I count have to count that the beads are the right number. So for me, it can be helpful, just count them count them, you can just count them. And that can just be a way to just focus the mind. Another way is to chant a very short mantra of your choice. So I don't even like to really say mantras sometimes because I don't want you guys to take it in a direction that I said, take it in the direction that you want. I just want you to pick a mantra of your choice. And it could be a single word or it could be something very short, that's like a few words. And you would just say that over and over again, inside of your head or out loud. And just do that until you get to the end. It's 108. And so 108 is the number of completion. And so you have like the one the zero and then the eight, which is like infinity. And so at least you know this type of Eastern tradition, that's where this number comes from. And so I find japa meditation to be very beneficial, I will personally just, you know, count them down sometimes. I mean, you can do it anytime that you just want to focus.

You can also really pray with them. So if you want to actually consider God or make a prayer to God, you can do the same thing. So instead of it being a mantra or an affirmation, you can say a short prayer and just say that 108 times and that's very powerful affirmation to do, a very powerful way of praying. I find these to be very special and which is obviously why I make them because I really do find the experience of praying with the beads of wearing the beads and making the beads to be a very special experience for me and which is why I wanted to share that with you guys. So that you know hopefully it's it's beneficial for someone else. And for me just wearing it.

I started making them because I had one that I was wearing all the time and I wanted another one and wearing it simply helped me a lot with mindfulness. And just a way to go throughout the day. And remember who I am, remember who I want to be and there's so many different ways you can do that so many different symbols, so many different totems is what I would call them, that you can use to kind of keep your mindfulness. I think this is a really great one for myself. And so if you would like a mala, I make all different colors. They're all made of hemp, they're super strong. I also make them on stretchy string, you can find them on our website, And they're also coming to Amazon so that you can just get them on Prime delivery.

So as always, I love you guys so much. And I appreciate you watching. I hope you have a really amazing day and I will see you on the next one.


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Peace & Pineapples!


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