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Mission, Ethics, Standards, & Corrections Policies


Liveology® Yoga Studios & Magazine is a yoga media company with the motto "More Life. More Yoga," founded and operated by Live Victoriously since 2019. We are black-owned, family-owned, female-owned.

Live Victoriously is our lead yoga teacher, the Editor-in-Chief and designer of the website and magazine. Live also makes our malas by hand and formulates our body care products. Our website is what inspired the magazine, which we self-publish. The website was started by Live as a devotional practice, and now offers thousands of articles and videos, most of which are free. Our lifestyle content includes everything from plants to planets. Our yoga content spans across all 8 limbs of yoga and we have been intentional about focusing on the more subtle aspects of yoga as a lifestyle, a way of being.

Insiders (subscribers) receive access to the full library, including digital issues. Liveology® is intended to be a resource for evolving humans on their spiritual journey with talks and tutorials for the new seeker to the teacher on navigating your yoga practice. We offer an integrated spiritual approach, with teachings from the wisest teachers across many traditions, throughout history, across the world.

Our mailing address is 931 Monroe Drive NE Ste A 102-217 Atlanta, GA 30308.


The mission of Liveology® Yoga Studios is to share "More Life More Yoga" through the creation of uplifting content, products, and events, drawing upon traditions from across the world. We are committed to being a platform to share everlasting, life-giving truths that are uplifting of the soul and of each other, from a diversity of voices.


As individuals also on the spiritual path, we know how important it is to have the most authentic life-giving information possible, especially as it relates to spiritual practices and disciplines, many of which have been passed down for hundreds or thousands of years.

We are believers and followers of the Ultimate Source and Sustainer of all things, which we call God. The yogic (Hindu) tradition would call this entity Om, Isvara, Brahman (Ultimate Reality), or Bhagavan. The Judeo-Christian tradition calls this entity YHWH or Elohim. The Islamic tradition and Bahá’i call this entity Allah. Sikhism, from which Kundalini yoga stems, calls this entity Ik Onkar (One Creator) or Satnam (Truth). Others in more modern traditions call this the Light or the Life. The names are endless.

Whatever you call it, we believe that there is one Source of all things from which all of creation stems and that all spiritual traditions across the world are seeking to comprehend this same incomprehensible Energy Source, simply from different angles. We also believe that this Source has attempted to communicate to humans throughout history, across the world, which has resulted in a multitude of spiritual texts and traditions, filtered through each respective culture and language, attempting to teach us the same principles of love, truth, decreasing the ego, and ascending from our lower nature to a higher one.

We believe that life is an epic spiritual journey of growth and evolution disguised in a physical experience. It is easy to get caught up in this physical experience, which yogic tradition would call maya, the great illusion. Yet, at some point, we all seem to collectively come to the realization that there's more to life than what first meets the eye. We believe that humans can tap in to the infinite Source of wisdom and truth, light and life, which we call the Christ Consciousness, to elevate from our lower selves to our higher selves and to liberate ourselves from the shackles that bind us.

As a result of these beliefs, Liveology® Yoga Studios is dedicated to interfaith spiritual exploration and offers full spiritual texts across a range of traditions for individuals to read and compare for themselves.

Our definition of Yoga is: to yoke or unite - mind, body & spirit - human and divine - all beings.

Ashtanga is the Sanskrit word for 8 limbs. We do our humanly best to follow the eight limbs of yoga in all that we do, and that includes how we do business.

The 8 limbs of yoga are:

  1. Yamas (Personal Ethics)

    1. Ahimsa - Non-Harming, Loving Kindness

    2. Satya - Truthfulness

    3. Asteya - Non-Stealing

    4. Brahmacharya - Restraint

    5. Aparigraha - Non-Attachment

  2. Niyamas (Personal Disciplines)

    1. Saucha - Purification

    2. Santosha - Contentment

    3. Tapas - Self-Discipline

    4. Svadhyaya - Self-Study

    5. Isvara Pranidhana - Surrender to God

  3. Asana (Posture)

  4. Pranayama (Breathwork)

  5. Pratyahara (Sense Withdrawal)

  6. Dharana (Concentration)

  7. Dhyana (Meditation)

  8. Samadhi (Bliss, Peace, Liberation)

As a black-owned, multi-generational business, we are sensitive to inclusivity and diversity in all of its various forms. We welcome all evolving humans who are interested in seeking the light and sharing the love to join our growing community. We welcome people of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds. We especially hope those who are totally new to yoga and wellness practices would feel welcome.

First, do no harm. Second, do good. The flipside of non-harming is sending loving kindness to the world, and so we hope to be a beacon of love, light, hope, harmony, joy, peace & pineapples. We invite all writers, advertisers, and retailers around the world, who are aligned with this purpose.


In terms of the content we include in Liveology® Yoga Magazine in print and online, this looks like:

Yoga: At our core, we are a yoga studio. Our founder started out as an Ashtanga yoga practitioner and assistant and earned her 300 hour YTT in Ashtanga yoga, so much of what she teaches is rooted in this powerful tradition. However, we take Ashtanga to mean all 8 limbs of yoga, and are intentional about featuring limbs other than asana (posture practice) and promote yoga as a holistic lifestyle, rather than something you do in yoga class.

Spiritual and Wellness Practices: We recognize that there are many practices and traditions that promote a state of health in the body, mind, and spirit that are not “yoga,” including, but not limited to Vipassana, Qigong, Reiki, Ayurveda, Capoeira, calisthenics, animal locomotion, etc., so products and practices rooted in other established traditions are also welcome.

Interfaith: We take an ecumenical approach and have decided to include spiritual texts from various traditions. You will find spiritual texts from the Bible, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Nag Hammadi Scriptures, Quran, Tao Te Ching, Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras, and others hymns and prayers with more being added every day. Our content pulls from a diverse cross-section of spiritual teachers and traditions across the world and throughout history.

Worldly Wisdom & History: We love learning from the wisest among us and also include secular texts such as Aesop's Fables, historical documents such as Common Sense, and the Bill of Rights, and even famous speeches.

Natural Lifestyle: We love to inspire others to claim their personal freedom, travel, live naturally in harmony with the Earth with beauty, and lifestyle tips and tricks.

Self-Care: We love natural hair such as fros and locs, natural skincare and bodycare, and promote products and practices related to a more natural lifestyle.

Current Events: We like to keep it current with commentary and reflection on the current state of the word that is thoughtful and hopeful.

Entertainment: Life is beautiful. You'll find music, art, and other expressions of the beauty of life.

The Universe: Learn about everything from plants to planets as we explore the natural world.

Everlasting & Uplifting: We are most interested in things that are uplifting, everlasting, and teachings that point to principles of the universe, and deep truths that have proven the test of time. We love to hear people‘s actual life experiences, and their inspiring stories, teaching us how they overcame an obstacle, started a successful business, or achieved victory and harmony in some area of their life.

In terms of the content we do not include, this looks like:

  • We do not endorse any political candidates or specific political parties.

  • We do not include products or practices that harm ourselves or others.

  • We do not include products or practices that harm the environment.

  • We do not include products or practices that can be interpreted as hate speech.

  • We do not include products or practices that promote fads, such as (but not limited to) the newest diet or weight loss trend, that do not actually work long term or do not foster a state of a healthful body.

  • We do not include anything that harms the body, mind, or spirit

  • We do not include anything that promotes death and destructive behavior.

  • We do not include anything that promotes Satanism, witchcraft, or related practices.

  • We do not include profanity or overtly sexual content. Curse words are “bl**ped out” with asterisks.

Respectfully, we reserve the right to deny any article or advertising if we believe it conflicts with our mission and ethics.

Inclusive Classes

At our core, we are a yoga studio. Our founder started out as an Ashtanga yoga practitioner and assistant and began doing mobile yoga events in January 2019 soon after her first teacher training. Live continues to be our lead teacher, and we continue to teach posture, meditation, and breathwork for private parties, retreats, conferences apartment complexes, and sports teams all over, and can accommodate hundreds of people at a time with multiple teachers.

We have taught people of all ages and abilities. Our youngest yogis are 2-3 years old at daycare centers, and our oldest are senior citizens. We have taught youth sports, professional athletes as well as people restricted to chairs. And of course, everyone in between.

Our classes are built to focus on connecting breath to movement and clearing the mind, leaving our students with movements and practices they can carry on at home. We love sharing space with brand new yogis as well as with highly experienced practitioners.

We are committed to teaching all 8 limbs of yoga. Asana, breathwork, and meditation are the easiest practices to share in short, public classes, especially with beginners. We share the more subtle practices of yoga found in the other limbs through our website and for those students who are interested in going deeper.

We can also provide mats.


We design or physically make the majority of our products ourselves. Live makes our malas and formulates our body oils and yoga mat cleaner called Mat Bath. We also act as a publishing house. We do our best to keep packaging and shipping materials as natural as possible.

Liveology® Yoga Magazine

Liveology® Yoga Magazine offers traditional lifestyle articles on topics including food, career, and relationships, yoga tutorials, interfaith spirituality, as well as interactive journal prompts and games along the way to make it a fun, family-friendly, and spirit-filled experience.

Standards for Writers

Committed to satya or truthfulness, upholding high standards for the truth of information is very important to us. We do our best to digest spiritual information and wellness practices so that it is accessible to our audience.

We do not promote faddish things such as get rich quick schemes or the newest diet, but focus our attention on things that are everlasting, timeless.

We want articles and personal testimonies to be authentic and real and we desire to keep Liveology® Yoga Magazine family-friendly so that anyone can pick it up and enjoy, so please keep it tasteful. Statistics must be from verifiable sources. Articles are reviewed and proofread before publication, and may be sent back for minor changes before final publication.

Articles In Print

1-Pagers: 250-400 words.

Featured Articles: 600-1000 words.

Articles Online

Can be any length, within reason.

Cannot be explicitly self-promoting. That would be an ad. We offer sponsored articles, which are tagged as such.


When submitting an article, the writer will be asked to verify that they are submitting their own original work and that they have read our Mission, Ethics, Standards, & Corrections Policies.


We welcome companies and products who are aligned with our mission and ethics to advertise with us. We ask that potential advertisers read our Mission, Ethics, Standards, & Corrections Policies to ensure that they agree with what we stand for.

Print Ads

Print ads live in a particular issue of the magazine and will be included in digital editions and future reprints in perpetuity. We offer 1/4, 1/2, and full page ads, as well as the prime back cover and inside front cover, which have the highest visibility. Space is limited because this is in print!

Digital Sponsored Articles

Businesses can sponsor a digital article, where we will write about your brand or services and publish it on

A sponsored article in print would require reserving a half or full page ad. Sponsored articles are tagged with "ads" at the footer of the post.

Digital Product Reviews

Businesses can sponsor a digital product review, where they send us a product, and we will try it and publish our experience using it on and possibly on YouTube, depending on the agreement. This service is not available in the print magazine. Product reviews are tagged with "ads" at the footer of the post.


We do our best at Liveology® Yoga Studios & Magazine to find and share the most up-to-date and correct information. If we made a mistake, we would love to know so we can share the correct information.

If you notice an error, please send us a message at, and select "Submit a Correction."

Corrections will be posted in the next issue of the magazine and online.


Liveology® Yoga Studios creates uplifting content for your whole life. Join us on the journey of seeking God, self-study, healing, and awakening as we draw from spiritual traditions across the world. Subscribe for access to our exclusive library of articles and videos and other special benefits. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and YouTube! Thank you for your continued and growing support.

Peace & Pineapples!


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