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Let's Bring Back Femininity! Long Dresses. Swing Skirts. Modesty!

Modesty is surprisingly sexy.

Peace family this is Christina, and I am in my pretty dress.

I've been wearing dresses more often and enjoying expressing my more feminine side, my femininity, and so I wanted to talk about: Let's bring back femininity! By femininity I don't mean sexualness like being sexy. Obviously I think I look sexy. I get compliments all the time. I've been wearing a lot more dresses, a lot more long dresses and a lot more modest clothing actually, and you'd be surprised the compliments I get from men who are like, "You look so beautiful. Wow like you look gorgeous!" Men can still see your figure. They're still looking regardless of what you wear.

So there's something about true femininity to me that is actually more modest, that's like let me actually hide a little bit, let me keep something to the imagination, let me save something for a special person as opposed to showing everything to everyone. I think there's something to that, and so I've been celebrating my own femininity by just wearing like more modest clothing and wearing more dresses.

And so I was laughing because I was actually shopping with my mom today and ended up buying a cute full length, to the floor skirt and was laughing because there used to be a section with casual dresses, and I love casual dresses, but they didn't have that section where they used to have it. That section of those dresses was gone, and where they had the second section, it was greatly reduced and then instead of just dresses it was like a lot of like rompers, where instead of being like a skirt it would be pants. I was really thinking it feels like even amongst like the designers, they're trying to make everyone be the same, like they're trying to make everyone kind of gender neutral. If you want to be gender neutral, that's what you want to do, but I like being a girl, like a girl girl, like a real girl, like a girly girl and wearing dresses and skirts, and I wear them frequently, a lot of the time now and I thought it was odd that it's getting harder to find full length dresses nowadays. You can find like full length rompers or jumpsuits, you can find some shorter dresses, but it just feels like whoever's designing even the clothes are trying to make it so that everyone's kind of the same. Everyone wears jeans, everyone wears t-shirts, everyone has the same kind of gender neutral look

I get it like I used to wear jeans all the time right, but now I have a jean skirt, and my friend was laughing at me like, "I haven't seen a jean skirt like that since the '90s!"

And I'm like, "Right, let's bring it back! Let's bring it back!" We want to bring back everything else. Let's bring back femininity. Let's bring back dresses. Let's bring back full length dresses like gowns and stuff. Let's like dress up.

I feel like I look cute, and I get compliments all the time, like "Wow you look so feminine! You look so beautiful. You look like a woman."

I was telling my mom like I felt like I was in this kind of like Peter Pan like state. I used to call myself Peter Pan. like I'll add some video of me like doing yoga and stuff, and I felt like I was like, if you ever know anything about Ashtanga Yoga, it was literally made for teenage boys, literally it was designed for teenage boys in like military school and then women started doing it. Mad respect to one of my teachers Kino MacGregor, who was one of the first women, if not the first woman to prove that women can even do it. They thought women couldn't even do it for a long time, and she was determined to prove that it can be done, and so for a long time, I idolized her and really was trying to show what I could do with my body physically, and I'm still really strong and all that, flexible.

I was in my yang energy you know what I mean, like my masculine yang energy, and that's good I think at that time. I needed to learn how to be strong in a way that I was not strong, but now I'm enjoying embracing my more yin energy, my more feminine energy. Maybe we just go through seasons. I'm not saying everyone has to be a certain way, but I'm saying that for me, it's exciting to bring back my femininity and bring back my dresses and my long skirts and like all that kind of stuff. It just it's awesome. I feel great.

So I was just laughing how it's becoming harder to find these things, like this dress is actually from Amazon. It's so hard to find these things in stores nowadays. If you want to dress more modestly or if you want to wear dresses, I can go to like Ethiopian like Muslim stores, you can find a lot of this kind of stuff. Other than that, if you go to regular stores, you can find like short dresses like knee length dresses or you can find long pants, jumpsuits. It's hard to find full length dresses nowadays, but I feel like it's just so cute, and it's actually a lot more easy breezy. It's cool but like warm at the same time. If you haven't been wearing some full length dresses, you might really like it.

So anyway, I just wanted to celebrate my womanhood and how much I'm enjoying just being a woman right now, and kind of growing into that. I feel like growing out of my Peter Pan stage, like I'm never going to grow up to full you know full red blooded American woman like. It just feels good, and so I'm enjoying wearing my dresses and just wanted to talk about bringing back femininity, bringing back the dresses and the skirts, and all of that. For those people who want to be gender neutral, that's so awesome, but for those of us who want to be like girly like let's bring it back!

That's all I want to talk about today. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I think it's going to rain later, so we're just taking our little walk. Look at my little Namaste Yoga dog right here being all cute as always because you know we're always going to keep it cute.

I love you guys as always! Wishing you abundant life, love, joy, peace, and prosperity to you, to your loved ones, and even to your enemies - even to them. I love you guys so much, and I will see you on the next one.


I hope you get a bottle of Afro Oil today!

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Peace & Pineapples!


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