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Christina V. Mills | About & Contact Liveology's Founder

Live victoriously.

Formal Bio

Christina Victoria Mills is a yoga teacher, speaker, and founder of Liveology® Yoga Studios & Magazine.

Christina Victoria was first introduced to the Ashtanga yoga method at the age of 30, after a car accident and found that repeating the Primary Series daily was like physical therapy for her back and surprisingly brought a new level of clarity and focus to her mind and the rest of her life. She practiced Ashtanga yoga exclusively for many years, assisting at a traditional shala and practicing with her teachers, Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann.


Christina Victoria is the mind behind Liveology®. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Liveology Yoga Magazine and the Executive Producer of our yoga videos. She loves to teach yoga through our online tutorials and in person events and workshops. Christina Victoria has experience teaching groups of all ages and abilities, from toddlers to seniors to professional athletes, and has held events up to hundreds of people at a time.

Christina Victoria can be booked to speak or teach yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation to you or your group. She will always bring a little sparkle to your event. She will literally roll out the black mats for you and will always treat you as family.


Christina Victoria is the daughter of Rev. Clara T. Mills and Felton Williams. She was born in San Francisco, CA and moved to Pasadena, CA at the age of 8. She is an alumna of the University of Southern California. Fight on.

Personal Introduction

Peace, family. I'm Christina Victoria, and I'm the founder of Liveology® Yoga Studios. I am the daughter of Rev. Clara T. Mills and Felton J. Williams and give honor to my parents for all they shared with me. My name was intended to mean Victorious in Christ, which I often translate to Live Victoriously (some people call me Live). My mom was a pastor, so I grew up in the church. She was the kind of pastor who used her church to feed the homeless and lead marches against gun violence, and always worked in ecumenical groups. As I got older, she exposed me to her personal library, which included everything ranging from The Lost Books of the Bible to Buddhist teachings. My dad would always say, "Everything is information" and encouraged me to be curious and to think for myself. My mom put me in my first yoga class at the age of 16, but I kind of forgot about it for most of my 20s. I entered seminary where I learned Greek and Hebrew and began to preach, but became disillusioned for many reasons. One, was the wealth of information I was learning in school about other traditions, and those who worship this same God all over the world, in different ways. So I decided to change the world through politics and began to work on campaigns, doing graphic design and faith outreach. Things were going pretty well. At 30, I encountered what I considered to be traumatic events. My anxiety was out of control. I could barely work. I was told I had PTSD. I initially sought Buddhist meditation, but found it so difficult. Then I remembered enjoying yoga when I was younger, so I got back into it. I practiced every day, and every day I continue to reap its benefits as I began to heal my mind, my body, and strengthen my body. I was so excited by what was happening that I began teaching and Liveology® became a mobile events business - I began to quietly document everything I was learning as articles on this site.

I am so grateful for how Liveology® has grown over the past few years as my creative expression and a way to share the gift of yoga. We are so blessed! Now, we have thousands of articles and videos. I have taught everyone from toddlers at daycare centers to seniors in chairs and professional athletes, including the Fan Controlled Football team. We have put on events of hundreds of people at a time with multiple teachers. I am a graphic designer and act as the Executive Producer/Editor-in-Chief for our content, including our print magazine and the website. I also make our malas by hand and formulate our other products such as our body oils, all of which my family actually use at home. I wear a lot of hats.

I am available to teach classes and retreats, for speaking engagements, and for uplifting podcast discussions. I love to talk about the following topics:

The Science and Spirituality of Yoga

Cross-Sections between Christianity and Yoga

The Power of the Breath

The Benefits of Meditation on Everyday Life

Leveling Up with Yoga

Yoga is so much more than asana (posture) practice. it is a spiritual practice, a science, designed to help you to increase self-awareness, to break patterns, connect with God, and find increased levels of freedom, peace, and joy. I designed this site to be an interactive yoga experience - a visualization of sorts. Everything is a choice. This site is interfaith, dedicated to the exploration of God, or the creative principle of the universe, in every language, every culture, across the world. It's dedicated more toward asking questions than giving answers. For evolving humans.

Reach out to me directly at I look forward to hearing from you!

Peace & Pineapples!

Education & Experiences




March 2023

Liveology® Yoga Studios

Liveology® is trademarked.

Crown Oil, Body Oil, and Mat Bath hit the market.

​June 2022

Liveology® Yoga Studios

Handmade malas & other products hit the market.

Teaching Fan Controlled Football League.

​Feb-March 2022

Miami Life Center

2 month Ashtanga Intensive at Miami Life Center taught by Kino MacGregor, Tim Feldmann, and their team. Graduated with 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification.

​June 2021

Liveology® Yoga Studios

1st issue of Liveology Yoga Magazine is published + studio opening.

January 2019

Liveology® Yoga Studios

Yoga events and tutorials by Liveology® begin.


Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta

Assistant to a KPJAYI authorized student of Pattabhi Jois, learning adjustments, subbing for Mysore class, assisting with the beginner class, and leading Led 1/2 and Full Primary Series.

​August 2018

Yogaworks San Francisco

​1 month yoga teacher training Intensive taught by Eka Ekong. Graduated with 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification.


Consulting Company

Business Analyst and Salesforce Administrator on several successful implementations. Opening up the Atlanta office. Working closely with clients to analyze system requirements, uncover and document business needs and processes, and assist with software selection. Developing the Customer Success Program.


Local Government Agency

​Led a team of analysts, with emphasis on local and federal reporting, and operational efficiency. Developed and conducted training and for staff. Salesforce Project Team. Database administrator.


Multiple Campaigns

​Secured endorsements and organized events statewide. Designed websites, printed literature, targeted mailers, social media digital campaigns, and billboard.



Liveology becomes an idea for a coffee house ministry during a new church start.


Warren Memorial UMC

​Assisted with worship leading, preaching, and activities related to the young adult ministry.


Gammon Theological Seminary​

​Transferred to a UMC seminary to align with denomination.


Columbia Seminary

Attended seminary for M.Div. Learned Greek & Hebrew.


Cascade UMC

​Developed and facilitated Christian education classes for the young adult ministry. Community outreach.


The University of Southern California

​Presidential scholarship.

Internship with USC Football Sports Medicine.

Graduated from USC with a degree in English.


Tournament of Roses Princess

​1 of 7 girls selected from over 1,000 candidates.

Received instruction on public speaking, etiquette.

Promoted the Rose Parade & Rose Bowl Game at over 153 events.


La Salle High School Pasadena

​Graduated with honors.


Liveology® Yoga Studios Yoga creates uplifting content, products, and events for evolving humans, sharing "More Life. More Yoga." Shop yogi swag and go down the rabbit hole for an interactive experience with exclusive content as we draw from spiritual traditions across the world. Please tell a friend about us today. Thank you for your continued and growing support worldwide.

Peace & Pineapples!


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