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Benefits of Samyama | The Yoga Sutras III 21-55

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Book III.


III.21 By performing samyama on the outside of the body, one becomes invisible by bending light to the eyes.

III.22 Karma can bear fruit quickly or slowly. By samyama on karma, one gains knowledge of death.

III.23 By samyama on friendliness, one gains strength.

III.24 By samyama on strength, one gains the power of an elephant.

III.25 By focusing the light of awareness, one gains knowledge of subtle, hidden, and remote things.

III.26 By samyama on the sun, one gains understanding of different realms of the universe.

III.27 By samyama on the moon, one gains understanding of the solar system.

III.28 By samyama on the polestar, one gains understanding of the stars.

III.29 By samyama on the navel chakra, one gains understanding of the alignment of the body.

III.30 By samyama on the throat, one overcomes hunger and thirst.

III.31 By samyama on the tortoise channel, one gains steadiness.

III.32 By samyama on the light on the skull, one gains vision of perfect beings.

III.33 Or by intuition, one gains understanding of everything.

III.34 By samyama on the heart, one gains understanding of the mind.

III.35 Though experience may see no distinction between the intellect and the purusha, existing for the other, they are completely distinct. From samyama comes understanding of the true self, existing for itself.

III.36 From this bears intuition as well as increased levels of hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

III.37 These are accomplishments for the mind, but can be obstacles to samadhi.

III.38 By loosening the causes of bondage and understanding the pathways, the mind can enter into the body of others.

III.39 By mastery over udana vital air, one does not come in contact with water, mud or thorns, and ascends in levitation.

III.40 By mastery of samana vital air, one becomes radiant.

III.41 By samyama on the relationship between the ears and the ether, one gains divine hearing.

III.42 By samyama on the relationship between the body and the ether, one becomes as light as cotton and with intense concentration can fly through the sky.

III.43 Ry the removing the covering of light, one can project the mind outside of the body.

III.44 By samyama on the gross, essential, and subtle nature of things, one gains mastery over the elements.

III.45 From this, there. are no limitations on the mystic powers of the body in its perfected state, which is its essential nature.

III.46 Perfection of the body presents as beauty, grace, strength, and the power of a thunderbolt.

III.47 By samyama on the senses, the process of gaining understanding over the essence of the ego, one gains victory.

III.48 From this comes quickness of mind and victory over physical matter.

III.49 Only by understanding the difference between the intellect and purusha can one gain knowledge of all things.

III.50 Ultimate liberation comes from non-attachment even to this and to the seeds of all imperfections.

III.51 Upon the invitation from celestial beings, do not become conceited for this can lead to undesirable attachments.

III.52 By samyama on the moment and its succession comes understanding born of discrimination.

III.53 From this comes the ability to differentiate between two things that are indistinguishable by characteristic or location.

III.54 Knowledge born of discrimination liberates everything everywhere all at once.

III.55 When the purity of the intellect matches that of purusha, then there is kaivalya, total liberation.


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