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The Rulers Mold Adam & Eve Gives Him Life | Nag Hammadi Scriptures

Nag Hammadi Codex

On the Origin of the World


The Rulers of the World Mold Adam

Then the chief creator voiced his opinion about humankind to those who were with him. Then each of them ejaculated his semen into the middle of the navel of the earth.

Since then, the seven archons have formed humanity with a body resembling their own body, but the likeness of humankind reflects the human being who appeared to them. The modeled body came into being, part by part, from each of the rulers, and the leader of the rulers created the brain and marrow.

Afterward the person appeared like the one before him. He became a person with soul, and he was called Adam, which means father, after the name of the one who was before him.

After Adam was made, the chief creator abandoned him as a lifeless vessel, since Adam was formed like an aborted fetus, with no spirit. When the chief ruler recalled the word of Pistis, he was afraid that the true human might enter his modeled body and rule over it. So he left his modeled body forty days without soul, and he withdrew and left him.

On the fortieth day, Sophia Zoe blew her breath into Adam, in whom there was no soul. He began to crawl on the ground, but he could not stand up.

When the seven rulers came and saw him, they were greatly troubled. They approached him and grabbed him, and the chief ruler said to the breath within him, "Who are you? Where have you come from?"

He answered and said, "I have come through the power of the human to destroy your work."

When they heard this, they glorified him, because he gave them rest from their fear and concern. They called that day the Day of Rest because they rested themselves from their troubles.

When they saw that Adam could not stand up, they were glad. They took him and put him in paradise and withdrew up to their heavens.

Eve Gives Adam Life

After the day of rest, Sophia sent her daughter Zoe, called Eve, as an instructor to raise Adam, in whom there was no soul, so that the children he would engender might be vessels of light.

When Eve saw her male partner on the ground, he felt sorry for him and said, "Adam, live! Get up from the ground!"

At once her word became an accomplished deed. When Adam got up, at once he opened his eyes, and he saw her and said, "You will be called the Mother of the living because you have given me life."

The authorities were told that their modeled body was alive and had gotten up, and they were greatly troubled. They sent seven archangels to see what had happened.

They came to Adam, and when they saw Eve speaking with him, they said to each other, "Who is this enlightened woman? She looks like what appeared to us in the light. Come, let's seize her and ejaculate our semen into her, so that she may be unclean and unable to ascend to her light, and her children will serve us. But let's not tell Adam because he is not one of us. Instead, let's put him to sleep and suggest to him in his sleep that Eve came from his rib, so that the woman may serve and he may rule over her.


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